Dr. Johnny Hunt, Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock
It gives me a great deal of pleasure to commend to you the Christ honoring music and speaking ministry of Lori Kennedy, Alpha Omega Ministries.  God has used her in literally every aspect of ministry First Baptist Church Woodstock offers whether it is singing in our worship services, leading worship or giving testimony in our Student Ministry or leading in the Women’s Ministry. God has used her significantly.  I commend this Christ honoring ministry to you with absolutely no reservations.  Use her and bless your people. 

From Fayetteville Baptist Church - March 2014
The Lord used you mightily (and will continue to do so) - an answer to so many prayers.  Thank you for sharing God's Word with us and testifying to the freedom and healing we have in Jesus Christ!  Hallelujah!  Thank you for showing us that toxic "stinking thinking" has no place in a transformed heart and mind.  

From Alpharetta First United Methodist Church - March 2013
It was a very spiritually uplifting and enriching weekend for all who attended,
and I whole heartily recommend Lori and Dawn for your gathering of women. All will
be blessed! - Pat Bailey - co chair Women's Retreat March 2013 Alpharetta First UMC

From Union Grove Baptist Church in Opelika Alabama – March 2012
I had the pleasure of working with Lori Kennedy for our 2012 annual Ladies Retreat. We asked Lori to lead the music and be the speaker for our weekend retreat, Overcoming- Molded By The Potter. What a blessed weekend it was! I have been coordinating retreats for this group of ladies for many years and I think this was the most diverse group so far. We had such a wide range of ages and from all walks of life, but that didn't hinder Lori from ministering to them. She offered variety of music that engaged the ladies in fun and laughter and then she was also able to escort us into a wonderful time of praise and worship. Each of the teaching sessions was well prepared and planned. Each session included parts of her testimony, Bible teaching and opportunities for application and discussion in our small groups. I appreciated the honesty of her testimony and the fact that with every part she always pointed us back to God reminding us of His sovereignty, His good plan for our lives, His love for us, and promises from His Word. With each element of the retreat she was committed to lifting Him up and giving Him glory. We all benefited from this. I watched the women's faces and heard their stories. They were blessed. He used Lori as His vessel to minister love, compassion, and truth. From the administrative perspective of the retreat, she was awesome to work with. This retreat was during a very stressful time in my life so having Lori, who is gifted in administration, to work with in all the planning was a tremendous blessing to me. I highly recommend her for a women's event. I pray that the Lord gives us another opportunity to work together again. Pam Coxwell - Retreat Organizer & Leader

It was amazing to sit back and see how women were able to let go of bondage that had held them for years. Ellaine Corbett - Retreat Organizer and Co-Leader

Thank you Lori, your testimony really touched me. God is really using you to touch the hearts of many. This was the best weekend ever!! :)  Nancy Clark – Retreat Attendee

Thank you so much for your life changing message!!  Beth Henderson – Retreat Attendee

You are AWESOME GIRL!! You sure know how to lift someone up with your voice!  Jenny Moore – Retreat Attendee

As you spoke and sang, you were definitely being used by our Father! May God continue to shine His light through YOU!  Judy Allen – Retreat Attendee

Spiritual maturity, the way one relates to other women, and flexibility are all qualities we look for in our retreat leaders.

Lori was a true blessing from our first planning meeting until the close of the retreat. On every single evaluation the music was listed as one of the three favorite things that the women liked about the retreat. When Lori sang “How Beautiful” during our communion it was one of the most touching moments I have had in a church setting.

Our entire retreat team would recommend Lori for any women’s event you are planning.
Barbara Jean Hoover – Women’s Ministry Leader – Kingswood UMC - 2008

I have known Lori for several years and been to many events where she has led music. I was Lay Director on Women’s Walk to Emmaus #154 in 2007. She was my number one pick to lead praise and worship for the weekend. She has a heart of gold and a voice to match. In addition to her obvious talent, she bends over backwards to help find the perfect music for whatever she is doing. If she can’t find the right song, she’ll just write it! I think the neatest thing about Lori is I didn’t have to give her any direction. She knew the theme verse and the hearts of the women involved and just ran with it. She truly asked God for His guidance and He led her to the perfect music for the weekend.

I am so impressed with Lori, that I asked her to lead the music for the McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church’s Women’s Retreat in September of 2008. There is no better person to impress on these women how much God loves them and how they can show their love right back to Him! We are all excited to have Lori joining us. You will not go wrong having Lori serve your music needs regardless of what your event!! You will be blessed!
Margaret Neal
Lay Director - North Georgia Women’s Walk to Emmaus #154
Women’s Retreat Committee (2008) - McEachern Memorial UMC


Lori Kennedy truly serves God through her music ministry. Joyfully she has been leading worship time for my husband, Dean who is the pastor at Freedom Pointe senior community. Her arrangement and understanding of how music ministers is evident in her ability to engage people. Her gift helps to prepare and lay the ground work in the hearts of those in attendance for the word of God.
She is humble, flexible and a blessing to those she serves.
Elaine Mabry - Freedom Pointe Ministries

It gives me great pleasure and without reservation to highly recommend Lori Kennedy and her music ministry. Lori has been extremely faithful to volunteer her God given musical talents a Sunday each month for several months as she has lead our new church start in our music program.

Our church, The Church at the Village is an unusual church in that it is made up totally of adults with developmental disabilities or in some cases adults with mental illness. Our church membership loves Lori and look forward to having her each month. Her positive, uplifting, and Godly attitude have been a great blessing to each of us.
Lynn Phillips – Pastor - The Church at the Village

Lori Kennedy did a fantastic job in taking on such a large part of praise and worship during our women’s retreat in September of 2008! The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way that weekend through her music. Lori engaged our women and lovingly led them through a wonderful experience. Additionally, the courageous presentation of her testimony was something we will never forget. I’m thankful for her obedience to our Lord. I’ll be watching as God continues to grow Lori’s ministry.

Lynn Hayes, Women’s Retreat Coordinator, McEachern United Methodist Church
God has blessed me to be associated with Chrysalis for the past 12 years, of which the past two years I have served as Community Lay Director and three years prior to that I held the board position of Hoots and Candle Light Coordinator. It was not until in 2007 that I had asked two totally new people to lead the praise and worship music at one of our weekends. That was the start of something wonderful. I have NEVER, in all the years attending Chrysalis Candle Lights, felt such a GODLY spirit in the air. Every body in the house was simply worshiping Christ in an abnormally high impact manner, and it was all because of Lori and her musical leadership.

In my opinion, there are two kinds of Praise and Worship leaders. Lori Kennedy is the kind that shows the genuine love she has for Christ through song and worship. You can feel every word sung because of the leader’s outward emotions and expressions. These are the Praise and Worship musicians that ignite the entire room they are present in. As a result, the total room has this “glow” about them and it’s all because of the music leader. This is Lori Kennedy.

Last but not least, since Lori’s arrival on the Chrysalis board several months ago, she has accomplished things that would typically take the average person 1-2 years to accomplish. Her Musical Knowledge, Love for Christ and Passion for today’s youth, not to mention her never quit attitude, has made her an incredible young lady with an incredible musical gift for Christ.

I have always been told to surround your self with good people and everything else will fall in place. This has certainly been the case with Lori. Lori loves what she does and therefore no matter where she goes or where she sings, she WILL be successful.

Butch Niccum - Community Lay Director - North Georgia Chrysalis
Lori Kennedy has the true heart of God. When God knit her together in her Mother’s womb he put an extra measure of Grace around her. Everything about Lori breathes love for our Lord and Savior. Her musical talent is her God given way to bring others to the Lord.
Lori has a very special way of bringing everyone around her into a very worshipful place when she is leading music at Emmaus, at Women's retreats, etc. I am very blessed to know my Savior better because of Lori's gifts and talents. I am honored to call her a very special friend. Elizabeth Anderson - Retreat Attendee

Although I had been a Christian for many years, it was not until my Walk to Emmaus in 1992, that I fully understood the meaning of "Grace" and the full meaning of His mercy when we take communion. The music on that walk was inspired by God and will never be forgotten by any of us. Lori loves to sing for and about The Lord, and the way she lives her life reflects that.
Lynne Byrd - Lay Director - North Georgia Women’s Walk to Emmaus #150

In both my professional and personal life, I have had the opportunity to be a part of planning women’s retreats and other events. Regardless of the setting or topic, music always improves the programs. It has been my pleasure to work with Lori several times when she has planned and performed music for others.

She is a gifted singer, composer and guitar player but that is not all, she takes seriously the role of music as a means of understanding and communicating God’s love.

Though I am grateful for her musical talents, I am more grateful for her other gifts. She takes the time and effort not just in setting up and performing the music, she works to make the music match the mood and meaning of the program. Her compassion for the attendees is evident.

In addition to Lori’s gifts of concern and organization, her greatest gift in music is her servant leadership. She makes me imagine how David must have planned music when he worked in Saul’s court or how as a king he composed a psalm to teach the Israelites how to worship God. I think it is no small coincidence that God made David a musician before He made him a king.

My husband and I enjoy church concerts. We often talk about the difference between those who perform versus the musicians who praise. Performances are always nice but when the musician makes the extra effort to praise God, the music is even better.

Lori will not only provide beautiful music she will greatly enhance whatever program you are planning.

Mary Martha Scarr – Retreat Attendee

From Kingswood UMC – February 2008
Thank you for all you did to make our women’s retreat wonderful. You have such a wonderful gift and I really appreciate how you shared it with us!

I know a lot of work goes into the music on retreats and I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your hard work.

The song you sang during communion was so beautiful. It made communion all the more moving. I’ll never forget the experience.  Dondra Davis - Retreat attendee

God used you in a powerful way to minister to us through your music. Thank you for a wonderful worship experience.  Dottie Riviere - Retreat attendee